When I was seven, I told my parents I was going to live in a log cabin (somewhere on the coast of Maine) and be an author when I grew up. Upon graduating from high school, I decided a business degree might pay better, and, having obtained said degree, spent 20+ years analyzing and writing research reports and articles on technology. ​Now, though I live in the desert and will probably never have a log cabin, I'm revisiting that childhood dream. 


My new novel, The Strength of the Pack, is the first in the High Desert Mystery Series, set in my adopted home of Southern New Mexico.

The series features Emerson Thayer, a detective with the Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Office. Em’s far from perfect, but a big heart and even bigger drive to do what's right (if not necessarily legal) get her through. 

You can read an excerpt from The Strength of the Pack here, and connect with me here. I’d love to hear from you!


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